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Email Templates To Explain TeamMood to Teammates
Email Templates To Explain TeamMood to Teammates

Some Inspiration To Announce The Use Of TeamMood To Your Team.

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It is important that you explain why you want to use TeamMood to your team.
Here are some examples of emails that you use to announce that you want to start using TeamMood.

A first example

Please download the Word template so that you can edit, copy and paste the content of the document.

A Contribution By A Power User

This is a contribution from Bernarda, from Sydney, Australia.

Hi everyone!

Did you know that we spend about 92120 hours for 50 years working, this is about 35% of your time for 50 years assuming 8 hours of sleep?

Team Mood is an awesome tool to help teams improve.

You should all have received an invite from me to Team Mood. Please accept!

I was motivated to use this tool after two things:

1- I read an article about how many hours we spend at work in a lifetime. If you want to know more have a look at this study.

2- After I read it I decided to ask my colleagues how happy they were at work and the answers they gave me was kind of sad.

So I decided I wanted to have as a professional goal to help increase my teams happiness at work.

In order to do that I decided to test a hypothesis.

My Hypothesis was:

We believe if most of our team mates answer the Team Mood email every day

Will result in health conversations that can make our lives happier at work and will help us improve as a team

We will have confidence to proceed when we see improvements on the trend of our team happiness

This is still my goal! So, please be invited to participate on this hypothesis and when you receive the TeamMood daily email, please click!!!

A Generic Example

This is very generic and straightforward example, will work in most cases:

Hello everyone,

Just to tell you that I registered to TeamMood, a the service that will help us to follow the well-being of the team.

You and our teammates will receive some days of the week an email asking you how your day was.

It helps the managers to improve the communication in the team by bringing up conversations on the well-being.

If you want to disable your account, just tell me.

Pizzas for the whole team!

Good morning all.

Jane, Bob and I have some great news to share with you today. We have partnered with the founder of TeamMood (a French startup) to implement their TeamMood tool with the team starting next week.

What is Teammood? It is one of the greatest tools I have found out there to track how a team is doing (currently, i have this tool implemented with my team). On a daily basis (no weekends), each of you will receive a simple email with 1 very easy question: How is your day today? You have 5 possible answers - Excellent, Good, Neutral, Hard and Bad. Once you click your answer, you can provide additional comments if you want.

Very easy and simple. You don’t have to create any username or account. It is very important to note that your answers are absolutely anonymous. The goal of this tool is to have a direct communication channel between the group (which i know there is already in place in each group), but given the size of our group, we need to have constant feedback from you on one simple matter: how happy are you with what you are doing, and how we can help you make it even better. Teamwork is what gives a company a competitive advantage over its competitors, and I want to ensure that we maintain the status of one of the most solid teams (if not the most) across the company - something which I usually boast about when I talk about you guys. I want to ensure that we have a daily interaction in order to identify any concern any of you may have.

We will run TeamMood for the next months (I’m working with my Sr Management to make it permanent). Over this period of time, I would like to ask you for 3 things

1. Answer your TeamMood every single day (unless you are on vacation). If we achieve +95% participation each month the pizzas are on me

2. Please be as honest as you can. Imagine you are talking to the mirror. Anonymize your comment if you feel you need to do so. The key to making this exercise a success and keep our group as a strong team is honesty and candor, so please, I ask for your absolute honesty on your mood, only then we can make any change when needed.

3. If you answer HARD (orange) or BAD (red), PLEASE put a comment on why you are giving that answer. As I mentioned above, we are not able to link a specific comment to a user, so please rest assured that anonymity will always be kept. However, if you have a specific concern which needs to be addressed we are always always always available for you. Don’t wait to see if things get fixed automagically.

All comments you provide will be available to (1) your whole scrum team and (2) people in the same role (i.e. product owners, scrum masters, developers, etc). Jane, Bob and I will be able to see all the comments. Also, we will not be participating in the daily emails, this exercise is for you and only you. the overall team mood will be visible to all the participants everyday at 7PM local time.

I will ask members of each scrum team for their help in completing a file with email addresses and roles. We will begin next week- remember: 95%+ participation = Pizza

Truly yours,


This one to check if the team is ok to start experimenting with TeamMood

Hi All,

 I wanted to throw out an idea  and see if you have any interest.  NO PRESSURE.
Given we are a new team and are diverse in location and responsibilities  I wanted to propose a tool for us to help with gauging how  we are doing as a team   It’s called “Team Mood”. 

What is it?

This tool is aimed to measure the global mood of the team and will hopefully be a great opportunity for all of us to understand how our team is performing, feeling, provide support and to trigger any necessary discussions on “what is going well/not so well” if needed.

How does it work?

You receive an email each day at a specified time and you can quickly share (2 clicks) how was your day and add comments if  you like. (1 min max!)

Example below

One of the main benefit of this is that, once you have answered you will be able to see the mood of the team, and to read comments from other members of the team. Everything is ANONYMOUS , it will be a closed group  to us only.

I have used this tool in the past  in an effective way, its also nice to be asked about how your day was and reflect on what was great, what could be improved.  For me it  helped me force myself to think about the third space and how I was showing up.  I know we have the what’s app group but this  would serve a different purpose.

Lastly there is also a cool analytics capabilities that we can track over time.

Let me know what you think I won’t be offended if you don’t like it 😉
If you are ok, we can trial it for a month and see if it adds value.


Please contact us if you need us to send this introductory email to your teammates.

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