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How To Export Your TeamMood's Data
How To Export Your TeamMood's Data

What are the severals ways to download your data.

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There are several ways to get your data from TeamMood.
The easiest way is to export it from the Export Center, or, for advanced users, you can use the TeamMood's API.

The Export Center

To go to the Export Center, via the TeamMood's menu:

From there, you can get the data in the CSV or Excel file format:

  • CSV: the separator is the semicolon (;).

  • Excel: works for Excel 2007 and above (.xlsx).

For both type of files, each line represent a mood given by someone, and the columns are:

  • The date of the mood (YYY-MM-DD format)

  • The mood value, between 'excellent', 'good', 'average', hard' or 'bad'

  • An optional comment

  • Optional tags, each one separated by a comma (,)

The file is sent to you by email, as an attachement.

The TeamMood's API

Another way to get your TeamMood's data is by using the TeamMood API.
Please check the corresponding article.

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