Tagging team members

Use Tags to create segments to dig deeper into the data.

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You want to know what's going on on a particular group of people within your company? Just tag them, and you are able to compare groups of people.

For instance, compare the moods of your offices in the different geographic areas. Or build groups based on the expertise or project of people, or whatever you need!

Create a new tag

You can create a new tag in a few short steps, let's discover them below through a concrete example.

For this example, let's take a team of 15 people working on 2 projects named "GREEN" and "BLUE". Let's add to the team members the tag corresponding to each project for each team member. The "GREEN" tag has already been created and assigned.

To create this new tag, here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to the management page of your team members (top right menu "Admin" then "My Team Members"). You need to have the "admin" role to access this feature.

2. Click on the name of the teammate to whom you want to associate the new tag (1), theirs parameters will appear (2).

3. In "Tags (city, department...)", click in the input field "Add tags". The existing tags will be displayed in a dropdown list (in our case, the "GREEN" tag has already been created).

4. Write the name of the new tag directly in the "Add tags" field.

5. Validate by pressing the "enter" key. That's it, the new tag has been created!

Add an existing tag to a teammate

To add it to other team members, click on their name (1), then in "Tags (city, department...)", click on "Add tags". The new tag will appear in the drop-down list below the field (2). Select it and it will be added to the person.

Use tags in Custom Filters

Your new tags are now available in Customs filters to selectively view your data. See our article on Custom Filters management if you want to know more.

If you still have questions about using tags, feel free to ask us at support@teammood.com.

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