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How To Increase The Completion Rate
How To Increase The Completion Rate

You use TeamMood for some time now, and you observed less participation from your teammates. Here are some tips.

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If you think people are not participating enough on TeamMood, you may need to take some actions.

First, check your data.

Make a quick analysis.

See this article to learn more about participation data.

Do people leave moods on a regular basis?

People should participate at least once a week so that you can get actionnable data.

Do people leave comments?

When giving a mood, if teammates leave comments at least once out of three, you are well off.
If users never leave a comment, you are in a bad standing.

Make sure to take action.

People hate doing things for nothing.
So make sure that you are taking actions from the data that you get from TeamMood.
For instance, if someone shares an issue, make sure to follow it up.
If you cannot solve the issue, make sure to tell the team that you understand the problem, and explain why you can't fix it.

Just be yourself and share what you know.

Encourage teammates to leave comments.

We observed that the more comments there are, the more people are using TeamMood.
People are curious by nature, and they love to check the comments provided by others.
So please tell your teammates to leave more comments, about what's going on at the workplace, any idea to improve the work environment, a joke, or whatever comes to their mind.

And lead by example, simply by leaving comments yourself regularly, and almost anything, by interacting with comments from others, and engage discussions within TeamMood.

Remind your people about your objectives regarding TeamMood.

Make sure people understand why they need to use TeamMood. What was your primary objective with it? Was it clearly stated and shared with your people?

Remind your teammates that TeamMood is anonymous, and that they have to be confortable to share their moods and leave comments.
Reassure them that you'll do whatever you can to solve the issues raised in TeamMood.

Your team has reached a great level of confidence and trust.

And they are confortable to share publicly what they feel with their colleagues.

In that case, we'd be more than happy to cancel your subscription, because it would mean that the TeamMood's job is over πŸ™Œ

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