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Member of multiple teams - How to give your mood
Member of multiple teams - How to give your mood

See how to give your mood if you are a member of multiple teams

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You have been added to multiple teams - great! You have the opportunity to cast your mood for each one of them.

Because we do not want to spam you, you'll get only one email for all the teams you belong to.

Click on one of the proposed links indicating your overall mood:

Your Mood is then saved and you will be redirected to the next page allowing you to attach a comment to your Mood:

Now you can refine your answer for each one of your teams. For each team, click on the emoticon that suits best your mood (1), it will be automatically updated, and leave your comments if you like. Validate your comment by clicking on "Post your comment" button (2).

At this point you can close the window/tab, or we encourage you to check out the topics or feelings your teammates have shared by clicking on "See how my team is doing" (3), this will redirect you to the TeamMood Timeline.

Remember that all your comments will be anonymous and will have to respect the TeamMood's Code Of Conduct.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask us at

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