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Microsoft Teams integration for TeamMood
Microsoft Teams integration for TeamMood

Get your notifications through MS Teams, and much more!

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TeamMood app for Microsoft Teams allows you to get your TeamMood daily notification right through Microsoft Teams, to easily share your mood and your feedback to your team.

Installing the app

First, you need to find TeamMood in Microsoft Teams Store or just follow the direct link:

Click Add to install the plugin.

Adding TeamMood Bot to Microsoft Teams

Connecting your TeamMood account with Microsoft Teams

When adding the app, you'll be asked connect your Microsoft Teams account with your TeamMood account.

Welcome from TeamMood Bot

Click on the "Link Your Account" button so that the Bot will try to find you on TeamMood.

You can also type link to try to connect your account.

⚠️ You email address used on Microsoft Teams helps to find you on TeamMood. Please make sure that both email addresses are the same.

You'll get a success message is everything went smooth.

Optional: testing the integration

⚠️ Prerequisites: please follow this documentation to be able to log on TeamMood.

To test the integration and to make sure that the mood notifications comes through Microsoft Teams, head to the Integrations section of the TeamMood app:

  • Click on "Quick Actions" on the top menu,

  • Then, choose "Notification Channel",

  • And then click on the "Test" button in the Microsoft Teams section.

You should get a notification in Microsoft Teams, like this:

Get some help

Anytime you need some help, please type help and the bot will suggest some options.

In any case, feel free to reach out to the TeamMood Support team at

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