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Cisco Webex integration for TeamMood
Cisco Webex integration for TeamMood

Get your notifications right in Cisco Webex easily!

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TeamMood app for Cisco Webex allows you to get your TeamMood daily notification right through Cisco Webex, to easily share your mood and your feedback to your team.

Installing the app from TeamMood

Head to your Notification Channel setting on TeamMood, and click on the "Configure" button in the Cisco Webex section:

Then, check on Cisco Webex, you'll see a new message from the TeamMood bot:

From there, click on "Link your account", and you are all set!

You can go back to the TeamMood Integrations settings (refresh the page if needed), and you"ll be able to give a try by clicking on the "Test" button:

You should get a new message on Cisco Webex asking for your mood:

Installing the app from the Cisco Webex App Hub

You can also install the bot directly from the App Hub:

Click on "Add to space":

Then choose "Direct Message":

And you are all set!

Go back to Cisco Webex and you'll see the TeamMood bot.

Get some help

Anytime you need some help, please type help and the bot will suggest some options.

In any case, feel free to reach out to the TeamMood Support team at

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