The Periodic Digest

Get an overview of your team's health on a regular basis.

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Schedule activity digests, to receive insights about your team's health right in your inbox.

These digests will show you at a glance:

  • Mood average (by day for weekly digest or by week for monthly digest),

  • Team participation,

  • Mood score and commented moods with their associated trends

  • and the popular comments.

You can choose on which organization(s) and team(s) to aggregate the data, and the frequency the digest will be sent to you.

Here an example of digests you can receive:

periodic digest content example

To schedule your TeamMood digests, click on “Schedule Periodic Digest” in the "Quick Actions" menu:

You will get a list of your current periodic digests. To add a new one, click on the “Schedule a New Digest” button.

You will have to choose the sending frequency (weekly or monthly) and day of the digest

  • Day of the week for a weekly Digest

  • Day of the month for the monthly Digest

And then, to select the organizations and teams with custom filters.

create a new activity digest

Your new periodic digest will appear at the top of the list. Use the different buttons to change its behavior as follow:

  1. Update: change its frequency, sending day or organizations / teams filters.

  2. Duplicate: create a periodic digest with the same parameters.

  3. Test: send right now the activity digest to your email inbox.

  4. Status: enable or disable the digest mail to be sent.

  5. Delete: remove this digest (beware, you can't undo this).

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