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How to integrate TeamMood with Slack, and what you can do with it.

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TeamMood's Slack integration allows you to receive your daily notification inside Slack.

You can also send your mood and comment whenever you want.

How to configure Slack

To enable Slack, make sure you have a password protected account. Check this article if you don't know.

Then login to TeamMood, go to the "Notification Channel" menu and click the "Configure" button to enable the Slack integration.

You'll be redirected to the Slack's website for authorizations.

Make sure to select the right Slack workspace before authorizing the integration of TeamMood into Slack. Once approved, you'll get back to TeamMood. The TeamMood bot was added to your Slack workspace.

For geeks: The Slack slash command

The Slack integration comes with a /teammood  Slack command, which allows to do several cool things.
If you are lost, just type /teammood help to get a description of the command's usage.

Give a mood whenever you want

/teammood (excellent | good | average | hard | bad) [optional comment]  

/teammood good Somebody brought chocolates!  
will send a Good mood, with the comment "Somebody brought chocolates!".

/teammood average
will send an average mood without comment.

Add a comment on your last mood

/teammood "your comment"
Don't forget the double quotes.

/teammood "Too many coffees :-("
will add "Too many coffees :-(" as a comment to your last mood.

Go to your TeamMood dashboard

To head to your TeamMood dashboard, so that you can configure your account, see the Reports etc, just type:

/teammood dashboard

It will show a link to click to go on your TeamMood dashboard.

"I have an idea I want to share with you!"

No problem, just type
/teammood feedback your great idea
and we'll be notified. We'll get back to you by email.
So feel free to use it if you have any feedback to provide (ideas, enhancements, issues...)!


(Almost) all commands works with a shortcut, using the first letter of the command.
/teammood f I love it!
is the same as
/teammood feedback I love it!

Slack slash command for admins only

It is possible to add someone to your TeamMood just by using the invite  command. For example:

/teammood invite @bob

will add Bob to your TeamMood. @bob  is the username of Bob within Slack.

Disabling emails

 You can stop receiving the daily mood notifications by email just by heading to the "Integrations" menu, and then, disable emails:


For any question or concern, feel free to reach us at

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