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Getting Started with TeamMood
Getting Started with TeamMood

Brand new to TeamMood and need to know where to start?

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This article intends to explain the several steps needed to start using TeamMood.

#1 - Registration

For security reasons, as we need to validate your email address, several steps are needed to register on TeamMood:
1 - Register here
2 - Then, check your email inbox for an email looking like this:

Click on the "Register" button.

Check this troubleshooting guide if you did not receive the email.

3 - Enter your first and last name, and pick a password

4 - Set your team parameters, and you'll receive your first email at the time you set!

#2 - Discover TeamMood application

Browse the help center to discover the different features of TeamMood and best practices for getting out the most from your teammates through TeamMood.

For example, you can find articles to find out about:

  • the Timeline which groups the team's Moods, comments and Topics day by day. See how to react to comments and participate in discussion.

  • the Calendar which gives you an overview of the different Moods.

  • the Reporting which consists of TeamMood indicators forming your dashboard to follow at a glance the health of your team.

  • the Analytics which allow you to explore your data from a statistical point of view. In particular, follow the average evolution of your team's mood and detect high or low peaks, analyse the Mood distribution etc.

Feel free to reach us if you have any question.

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