Moving teammates around

Your started a new position or your team changed? Some features help you re-organise your new team.

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This article covers several scenarios, changing position, project stopped and and new one started, reorganisation...

Usually, the process may involve some steps:

  1. Creating a new group

  2. Moving people around

  3. Removing people who left the company

  4. Hand over your old team

Starting a new team

If you have a new project, or another team in charge, just create the new group through the admin UI.

Moving people from a team to another

You may need to move your teammates from a team to another.

Just click the move button from your teammates list:

The only pre-requisite is that you have to be an admin of both teams.

When moving someone, its history is kept under the old team.

Removing people who left the company

If someone is no longer in the company, or left the project, you can disable or delete her•him.

Hand over your previous team

If you want to leave the team and hand it over to another person, you need to:

  • Add the other person in the old team and make them "admin"

  • Make sure you have joined the other team

  • Ask the new admin to remove you from the old team


If you have too many people to move around, feel free to reach us at so that we could help you.

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