Structure you team

With tags you can categorize your team members. You can map your organizational structure to TeamMood. Tags also help you gleaning insights about particular user groups. For example: 

  • in Cross-Functional Teams you could use tags to indicate roles or functions of team members
  • in Multi-Regional Teams you could use tags to geographically pin point your team members.

Of course you are free to mix and match tags as you like.

Filter your moods

Once in place, tags allow you to filter moods in your Calendar, Analytics and Comments view. When filtering these views, only the moods of tagged team members are processed.

When selecting multiple tags, the moods of team members associated with any of the selected tags are processed.

Tags are disabled if less than 3 users hold the same tag.  When selecting multiple tags, at least 3 users must hold all selected tags for a filter to be active.

The default setting of 3 users can be adapted according to your company policy. Just let us know and we take care of it.

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